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Leasing Options

12 Month Lease

  • We offer competitive rates for 12 Month Lease terms.  Based on the following terms:

    • We provide a quality used trailer ready to work with recent DOT inspection and current registration.  We aim to start every Lease with tires @8/32 minimum and brakes 50%+.

    • Monthly payment on credit/debit card on file the 1st or 15th of the month. Late fee charged after 5 days

    • Trailer Pick-Up and Drop Off is at Our lot in Bridgeport, TX

    • $1500 refundable security deposit collected upfront.  Deposit refunded in full if returned to Our lot at end of Lease term in same condition as start of Lease term.  We do a full checklist documentation of trailer condition at pick-up.

    • Lessee responsible to add trailer to their insurance policy at stated trailer value with $1000 deductible with RockNRoll Transport as Loss Payee

    • Lessee responsible for routine maintenance during Lease such as tires, brakes, lube etc.

    • Lessee responsible for all tolls during lease, tolls not paid will be charged to card on file

  • See attached PDF of full Lease agreement

  • Our Lease Rates range $800-$1,100 depending on trailer type

Lease to Own

  • We also offer a popular Lease to Own option on most trailers which operate similar to 12 Month Lease terms with the following exceptions:

    • Monthly Lease rate is slightly higher (+$50-100/Mo)

    • A portion of each months payment goes to pay off trailer allowing ownership after typically 36-40 months

    • No early payoff option

    • If trailer needs to be returned, we will work with you to establish fair terms

    • See attached PDF of Lease to Own Agreement

We Typically Do Not Do the Following: 

  • Short Term Leases less than 12 Months

  • Sell Trailers

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